Less is more!

Carpooling got more comfortable!

2 in the back seats

Enjoy a more comfortable carpool with max. 2 in the back seats

Everyone loves to travel in comfort, and now you can now offer or book rides with max. 2 people in the back seats!

Are you driving somewhere and don’t want your co-travellers to be squeezed in?

Just tick the “Max. 2 in the back seats” option when you offer your ride. Members looking for a ride will see you’re offering plenty of space, and you’ll get co-travellers much quicker! Max 2 option

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Are you searching for a ride where you’ll have plenty of space in the car?  

Keep a look out for rides with the “Max. 2 in the back seats” icon – you can know for sure that there’ll be no more than 2 people in the back of the car and you’ll travel in comfort.

Max 2 HA

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