BlaBlaCar Contribution to Climate Change

BlaBlaCar Contribution to Climate Change

Our environmental impact!

From November 29 to December 11, Paris will host the COP21 Climate conference, which seeks to reach an international climate agreement to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

At BlaBlaCar, we’re proud to contribute towards a global effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and conserve our planet.

Filling up empty seats

climate change

By connecting co-travellers with car owners going the same way, we’re filling up millions of empty car seats worldwide. The average car occupancy rate in Europe is 1.7 people, whereas a car in our community has an average of 2.8 people.

When you share your ride, you’re directly helping to reduce CO2 emissions. Over the past two years alone, our global community has saved 500 000 tons of oil, which is the equivalent of lighting the city of Los Angeles for an entire year. Over the same period, you’ve helped avert 1 million tons of CO2, equivalent to the emissions of 400,000 roundtrip flights from Paris to New York.

Forest Conservation

Forest conservation

We’ve also partnered with PurProject to protect the Peruvian Amazon and forested areas in Africa in Asia. To date, we’ve preserved 30 million square meters in Peru and planted over a thousand trees across three continents.

Making transportation better


When you carpool, it’s not just the environment that wins. We’re also creating other advantages, like offering an alternative mode of transportation, connecting people and facilitating more social interactions in real life. 97% of you said you enjoy your carpooling experience with us. You’re helping to make transportation better.

Thank you

So next time you carpool with us, remember that you’re contributing towards making real, tangible change.  Together, our community is creating a significant impact on the environment, so thank you!

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