Say bye bye to waitlisted tickets

Say bye bye to waitlisted tickets

BlaBlaCar is on IRCTC!

BlaBlaCar is now on IRCTC!

We are super excited to announce that BlaBlaCar is now on IRCTC, the largest e-commerce player in the travel space in India!

IRCTC and blablacar in india

We have entered into a unique advertising agreement with IRCTC to offer more travel options across India. This will allow Indians across the country looking for last-minute travel options and those with wait-listed tickets to travel through carpooling.

In a country like India where demand is higher than existing public transport infrastructure, BlaBlaCar provides a much-needed alternative to people for their city-to-city travel needs.

So say goodbye to waitlisted tickets and surge airline prices during the summer and get ready to welcome a whole new way to travel in India!

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