Let’s pack your car smartly- What and How!

Let’s pack your car smartly- What and How!

Because BlaBlaCar journeys are all about comfort

Road trips are a big hassle (lesser so if done with BlaBlaCar). One of the biggest phobia when you are cruising along on the highway is “oh-damn-I-forgot-to-pack-….”. We all know the feeling when we are hunting for the aux cable, or the tissues and find none in the car. So, here are some simple tips and tricks shared by our members on what to pack in the car and how!

It will not only turn your completely ordinary vehicle into a driving palace but also make your ridesharers feel at ease.


(1)  (a) Dashboard:

 A “Life Saver” for your ridesharers. From tissues to wipe those dirty hands, a sanitizer to be extra sure with hygene and the first aid kit for any emergency, you can  access it super fast because it’s so handy.

(1) (b) My Space:

As a co-traveller you can keep a bag filled with leisure goodies like books, Ipad, magazines, laptop. These goodies are very handy to save you from boredom and when you don’t feel like talking anymore.

(2) Gear space:

Here is the place to keep the travel gadgets-  phone, wallet, car charger with a cable to save you from dead phone etc. This is your mini ATM ( All Things Machine)- you know what we mean ;)

(3) DJ Player:

 Be the melody star of the ride by loading your pen drive with funky music or plug in the aux cable with your phone and play that amazing travel playlist that can make everyone in the car “The Singing Stars”

(4) The Holders:

 Bottle and cup holders can be used to carry your water bottles or tumbler filled with your favorite coffee or tea. 

Back Pocket Treasures:

(5) Car Trash Bag

 A must for all compulsive clean freaks!

(6) (a) Umbrella 

If  monsoons are on the cards, then don’t forget to keep an umbrella.(keep it in the car’s backseat to make sure you have every inch of space for a comfy car ride!) If you forget to carry one and it rains then don’t blame us..We warned you ;)

(6) (b) Newspapers

Keeping some newspapers in the back seat pocket may be helpful as you may need it any point of time during the road trip. Don’t worry you can also read them just make sure you keep the latest one..:P

(7) Food Pot:

 “And when that stomach rumbles no one will grumble” – The Magical food box serves great on a long road journey when you can find no good food joints on the way. No one can stop you from receiving good ratings if you feed hungry bellies. 

(8) Pillow & Blanket:

 So, when journeys become long and tiring the co-travellers and the car owner can swap their seats to take some rest. Having pillows and blanket on the back seats can go a long way in making a trip more comforting.

(9)Boot Box:

Needless to say, now you can fit all that luggage in your car’s boot space.

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