Act of Green!

Act of Green!

Little things which you could do in your daily life…

Little things which you could do in your daily life to help create a huge impact in our ever deteriorating environmental conditions.

environment and blablacar

BlaBlaCar and the environment:

Did you know 3.36 tonnes of CO2 per annum per car can be cut if you carpool!

Carpooling not only helps in making the environment a cleaner and greener place but also reduces stress levels and makes you more productive.

Reducing the use of plastic:

Each year over 100,000 marine animals and one million birds die from ingesting and choking on plastic. We need to cut down not only on the usage of plastic bags but also bottles, dishware etc.

Reduction of unwanted mail:

This refers to the hundreds of brochures and junk which you receive from organisations. Millions of trees are cut down to produce paper for these junk mail. Unsubscribe to such services to do your bit for saving paper and reducing waste in the environment.

We also plant a tree in the name of every one of our BlaBlaCar partners, and every time a BlaBlaCar employee celebrates their birthday!

We promise to always be warriors for our planet!

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