Top 3 Destinations for Holi in India

Top 3 Destinations for Holi in India

Known for their trademark Holi celebrations.


Did you think Holi in India was about playing with colours only? If yes, this article will change your views. We’ve picked up three destinations known for their trademark Holi celebrations. And what’s more, there are tonnes of rides available on BlaBlaCar to these cities so that you don’t have to worry about planning your travel too far in advance!

From the Lathmar Holi of Barsana to traditional Holi of Mathura, the festival of colours is celebrated in diverse ways.

1. Holi in India: Barsana, UP

Nothing can match the excitement and the action experienced during Lathmar Holi of Barsana. Women clearly enjoy an upper hand and they utilize it to beat up men with sticks and men use shields to save themselves. Barsana is 48 Kms/ 1 hour from Vrindavan and 122Kms/ 3.5 hours from Delhi.


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2. Holi in India: Jaipur, Rajajasthan


Padharo sa!
Jaipur celebrates Holi in royal style with Elephant Festival, as elephants have always been a carrier of royalty. The festival takes place at its official venue, Rambagh Polo Ground.
The highlight of the festival is an Elephant Polo match where the polo players sit on the elephants wearing traditional attire. It’s unique and makes the festival extra fun. The festivities end on a high note with performances of folk dances and magnificent display of fireworks.

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3. Holi in India: Mathura, UP

Holi celebrations start 40 days before the main Holi day, in the temple towns of Mathura and Vrindavan, 4 hours from Delhi. A long procession with colors and music takes place on Holi from the temples along the river to the gate.

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