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To channel our fast growth while staying close to our core mission, our team has crowdsourced 10 actionable values that act as a compass guiding our decisions across our offices worldwide. Together, they are the foundation of our company culture.

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We are passionate about our activity.
Passion spurs innovation.
We’re a passionate team using our hearts and our brains to make the world a better place


Trust is the necessary condition for releasing the power of sharing at scale.
Trust between peers, trust in our platform, trust in our team.
So Trust is ultimately what we believe in most, and what we strive to build and preserve.


BlaBlaCar is first and foremost a community.
We live for and by our members.
We make sure we don’t forget that everything we do should aim to make their experience more seamless and enjoyable.


The only way to understand and continuously improve a service is to use it.
It is a crucial part of our ability to anticipate and address the needs of our community.


Members of our team are encouraged to systematically share their knowledge across the company so that everyone can benefit from
it, understand all dimensions of our activity, and feel inspired by an environment that allows continuous learning.


Failure is inherent to the learning process. We should not fear to fail or else we will prevent innovation. As long as we all work hard, and
try hard, failing and sharing the learnings from a failure will only make us all better at what we do.


The only way to know if a boat floats is to put it in the water.
We have a culture of delivering things and improving them through a continuous iterative process of integrating the feedback from our community.


We don’t let assumptions run our decisions.
We check our assumptions before investing time and energy to avoid investing our resources in the wrong direction.

values Never Assume Always Check

Do not get blinded by the wrong metrics and aim for vanity figures and results. In order to grow, you need to look at the right metrics.
And then, improve them.

Blablacar values: Fun and Serious

Individual Seriousness actually enables Collective Fun.
Ultimately, our team is Fun and Serious.
When you take what you do at heart, and work seriously, there is room for everyone to have fun together, and enjoy the ride.

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