Brazil, welcome to the BlaBla community!

You can now travel in Brazil on a BlaBlaCar :)

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We are excited to welcome our new Brazilian members to the global BlaBlaCar community. After recently launching in Mexico, India, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Serbia; the addition of Brazil will considerably increase the size of our community  and bring trusted long-distance carpooling to South America for the first time.

So head to Brazil and see the sights with BlaBlaCar!

Have you ever thought about BlaBlaCar for international travel? Now you can travel throughout 20 countries using BlaBlaCar; it’s also a great way to meet and travel like a local!

3 BIG reasons to travel in Brazil in 2016

#1 : Rio de Janeiro Carnival 5 – 10 February

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Who wouldn’t want to take part in the world’s biggest carnival, with 2 million people participating in the street of Rio each day? It’s one of Brazil’s most famous tourist attractions and a fabulous display of Brazilian culture and way of life – they have been doing carnivals since 1723!

#2 : The Summer Olympics 5 – 21 August

2016_Summer_Olympics_logo rezi

The summer Olympics are another hot event coming up in 2016. Sports lovers around the world will be heading to Brazil in August to see some great human achievements. The atmosphere will be hard to beat – sun, sweat and sports!

#3 : The beautiful beaches of Brazil Always


You can’t imagine Brazil without thinking of it’s stunning beaches and landscapes! So any trip to Brazil should definitely include some road trips to stunning spots like Baia do Sancho, to Lopes Mendes, and of course Praia do Forno : 3 of Brazil’s best beaches.
Now international travellers and locals alike can reap the benefits of the world’s largest trusted carpooling platform
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We bring people closer across 20 countries

Thanks to our fast-growing community, city-to-city trips have become affordable and enjoyable.  Students and professionals working far away from home use BlaBlaCar to return to their families, couples in long-distance relationships are able to stay closer, and everyone benefits from a new, cost-effective travel option for their weekend escapes and holidays! BlaBlaCar’s friendly and efficient sharing experience enables our members to stay close to their loved ones. And that is something we are truly proud of!
Welcome Brazil!

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