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Member Stories

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Do you have fun carpooling stories from one of your BlaBlaCar rides? Do you have an awesome job, hobby or talent you’d like to share with the community? Send us an email on [email protected] with your BlaBlaStory: we’d love to hear from you!

BlaBlaCar Members

Praveen no longer has to worry about travel expenses!

carpooling stories by blablacar members

“I remember the day when I was thinking to go to Gwalior but dId not have much money in my pocket. I was initally planning to travel via train and while checking the reservations I saw an ad about BlaBlaCar and since then I have never thought again about travel expenses. On my first BlaBlaCar ride, I found 3 co travellers who shared the toll tax and the petrol expense with me. One of them was very thankful as his marriage was coming and I picked him UP from his office and even carried his luggage. I just love BlaBlaCar!”

BlaBlaCar helps Rajkumar meet new people and reduce his cost of travel.

“I used to travel by public buses and trains during weekends. I often wondered how a 50 seater bus is carrying 100 people and a 4 seater car is carrying a driver alone. BlaBlaCar is giving the right answer to this! A person who could not afford a taxi earlier is now enjoying comfortable rides. I have offered seats on BlaBlaCar many times. Passengers from 2 years to 80 years have travelled with me. I have met IT, Finance, Automobile entrepreneurs & many other professionals during my BlaBlaCar journeys.

BlaBlaCar is helping me reduce my travel cost, traffic congestions on roads and Co2 emissions.”

Rajkumar is an engineer by profession and travels frequently between Chennai – Velloer and Chennai – Cuddalore.

BlaBlaCar helps Raghu share fuel costs and network at the same time

Raghu, a technical architect with an MNC in Bangalore loves long drives, music and cricket!

“I used BlaBlaCar in Germany to travel from Nurnberg to Munich and it was a nice experience. I was not aware that this service is available in India too till I saw the ad on TV. I created an account and started sharing rides. BlaBlaCar helps car owners like me to share fuel and till charges and I also get the oppurtunity to make new friends and increase my network. This concept is awesome!”

Raghu uses BlaBlaCar often to go to his home town.

BlaBlaCar helps Premkumar to share costs and meet new people


Prem, a structural enginner from Bangalore loves to drive on highways and prefers football over any other sport.

“BlaBlaCar helps me share my commutation expenses and meet new people. Even the frustration of hectic traffic jams gets over by sharing a nice conversation with my co-travellers!”

Premkumar says that BlaBlaCar is the reason for him to fall in love with driving!

Santosh uses BlaBlaCar to reduce his carbon footprint


Santosh uses BlaBlaCar regularly to travel between Bangalore and Chennai.

“I always had a guilty feeling of not utilizing the empty seats in my car and felt very bad about my carbon footprint contribution. After becoming a member of BlaBlaCar community I feel happy that my carbon footprint has considerably reduced due to high utilization of empty seats. No more guilty feeling. Also it’s fun to meet new people and have conversations along on varied topics. I never imagined sharing a ride can be so much fun. Thank You BlaBlaCar!”

Vinoth prefers to travel in a BlaBlaCar for a hassle free journey


Vinoth, a Product Design Engineer from Bangalore travels to Chennai to meet his parents twice every month. He is a football enthusiast and loves taking long rides.

“I prefer to travel in my own car as it makes my journey more independent and hassle free. BlaBlaCar helps me not only to cut petrol costs but also to share rides with like-minded people. I love BlaBlaCar because it helps me in being eco-friendly!”

He once shared a ride with a lady at odd hours of the day and made sure that she was safe throughout the journey. She rated Vinoth as an understanding and cooperative driver and he is thus one of the most trusted members of BlaBlaCar.

Mohit enjoys sharing his ride with BlaBlaCar


A Manchester City fan, Mohit Agarwal loves travelling and cooking. He is an avid traveller who uses BlaBlaCar every week.

“My experience has been great so far. BlaBlaCar helps me travel more as I don’t have to worry about the fuel costs. I’d rather use BlaBlacar than take the public transport whenever I travel. I prefer going by car as it saves time, money and helps make new friends”

Ankur travels every weekend to visit his family


Ankur works in Gurgaon and travels to his hometown on weekends using BlaBlaCar. He is a writer by heart and is very passionate about travelling, especially long drives and road trips.

“I am also planning various road trips to places like Agra, Nainital, Jaipur, Mathura, Dehradun, Kasauli, Amritsar, Ajmer, Chakrata, Bharatpur, Shimla and Rishikesh. Thanks to BlaBlaCar, I don’t have to worry about the travel part”

Dalbir loves to explore new places and meet new people


A journalist by profession, Dalbir Singh likes meeting people from different walks of life. He has an eye for politics and spends his in-ride time discussing news and trending topics.

“BlaBlaCar saves the wastage of precious travelling time as we gain experience of other specialised fields. It’s a pleasure to meet new peoples with different backgrounds and learn from their experiences. I frequently travel to Delhi for offcial work, and would definitely share my ride every time.”

Baldev connects with businessmen and working professionals


Baldev is an entrepreneur who travels multiple times a month for his startup. Besides saving the cost of travel, he finds BlaBlaCar a great platform to connect with working professionals and like-minded businessmen.

“Experience has been good. It saves time for co-travellers and is cost effective for car owners. As a Startup, every penny saved counts as I travel three times a Month. In addition I’m happy to cut down on carbon footprint”

Aswin cuts his fuel expenses!


A Chelsea fan Aswin is very fond of travelling. He works as an assistant manager with a leading company, and loves driving, cycling and watching movies.

“Earlier I used drive alone on weekends, but now I’d like to carpool for all my trips – be it seeing my mum or a fun ride with friends. With BlaBlaCar I’m able to save around Rs 3000 on a Bangalore-Coimbatore round trip.”

Manoj donates the money he saves from ride sharing to charity.


“I used to travel all alone by car every few weeks from Pune and Konkan Bhavan (Vashi). Being a safety professional I have always thought of reducing the carbon footprint but somehow my personal travel always remained same. That’s when I though of using BlaBlaCar. BlaBlaCar may help me to reduce my travel cost, traffic congestions on roads and Co2 emissions but will surely help someone who is needy as I will be contributing the savings I make by ride sharing towards charity.”

Manoj is an engineer by profession and is passionate about singing and connecting with people and travels from Pune to Konkan Bhavan (Vashi).

Srinath’s first BlaBlaCar Jouney!


Srianth is an IT Professional from Bangalore, loves travelling and is an amatuer nature photographer.

“My first BlaBlaCar ride was from Bangalore to Hyderabad along with my kid who is 7 years old. The journey was not a planned one, trains were out of option and buses were expensive and not convenient. Then I decided to drive. My family were a bit anxious as only two us were travelling.

I saw the BlaBlaCar TV ad and offered a ride two days before my travel.  A young family with two infants opted to travel with me.  All the way the journey was fun because of kids. My son liked the infants and enjoyed their company. Journey was very pleasant and we reached Hyderabad on time.”

Ashish also plans to use BlaBlaCar when he travels abroad


An alumnus of IIM Kozhikode – Ashish Thakur uses BlaBlaCar to plan his weekend getaways to explore new places and towns. He is an ardent Chelsea supporter, and loves to travel and write.

“My wife and I love travelling and adventure activities. We share our ride with couples, who add fun and excitement to our trips. I also plan to use BlaBlaCar while I’m in Europe later this year”

Christopher likes meeting interesting people


Christopher is passionate about travelling, photography, cycling, adventure sports, reading and music. He is a mountain lover and makes frequent trips to offbeat places with his partner.

“Its cool and unique for the Indian fraternity. I hope it remains a place for like-minded people to ride-share. I plan to post all my upcoming rides and hope to share the road with some interesting souls”

Manidhar gets to see his kids more


A father, a cricket enthusiast and an action movie buff, Manidhar finds BlaBlaCar is super useful for his long-distance travels, saving him on average Rs 4000 per month!

“I make Bangalore-Anantpur rides every week to see my newborn kid. Now that I travel frequently, BlaBlaCar helps me recover fuel costs. It was a fantastic experience with BlaBlaCar, and I look forward to making many more rides”

Balaji prefers BlaBlaCar over trains and buses


A software engineer by profession, Balaji is a travel enthusiast and loves meeting new people. He supports Manchester United and is very fond of rock music.
“I first tried BlaBlaCar when I couldn’t find any bus or train, which is usual on weekends. Then I tried the BlaBlaBar app which was suggested by my colleague. I easily found a ride from Bangalore to Tirupati. It was great fun and I’ll definitely use BlaBlaCar in future.”

Puneet travels with like-minded people


A traveller by heart, Puneet likes reading and listening to music. He makes frequent rides between Delhi and Jaipur, and is not shy of meeting new people.

“I have been enjoying ride sharing with BlaBlaCar. Would be planning several trips through this platform in the near future. The other advantages include networking and knowing like-minded people travelling to your town.”

Gaurav cuts his weekly fuel expense with BlaBlaCar


Gaurav works as an assistant manager with a leading telecom network. He is very fond of travelling and drives to his hometown every weekend. He meets interesting people and quite likes the concept of carpooling.

“I travel to Chandigarh every weekend and drive back to Gurgaon on Mondays. Thanks to BlablaCar my traveling expense has reduced by 85%, which is a huge saving. I have recommended BlaBlaCar to my friends and colleagues.”

Bharat plans to use BlaBlaCar every time he travels

Bharat: carpooling stories

A business developer by profession, Bharat Prakash makes Mumbai-Pune rides every month. He offers his ride to like-minded people to cut his travel cost. He is a Barcelona supporter and likes music, travelling and sports.

“Experience was superb. Have met quite interesting people to share conversations with during the journey. Since I travel every month, I would be happy to carpool with BlaBlaCar and significantly reduce my travel expenses.”

Ankit relies on BlaBlaCar for last minute travel


Ankit is a resident of Mumbai and works in Pune. He makes Pune-Mumbai-Pune rides every week with BlaBlaCar. He finds it convenient, easier and economical to plan journeys via carpooling. He is a die hard Chelsea fan, and likes travelling,watching TV series, EPL and IPL

“Blabalcar not only relieves me from relying solely on(cab, bus) at the end moment. It also gives me options in advance to plan my journey and make new buddies. Rides offered are economical as compared to other options available such as Shivneri, Volvos, agent based share cabs. I plan to make optimum use of Blablacar for my travels offering me a convenient ride.”

Viral loved his first carpooling experience


Viral Shah describes himself as a cyclist, biker, traveler, foodie, F1 Fanatic, gadget freak and bookworm. He works as a manager with a leading MNC and is passionate about photography.

“I heard about BlaBlaCar and carpooling so wanted to try it. The experience was pretty smooth from an ease of access perspective. I travel a few times every month. Now I know that carpooling is as easy as BlaBla.”

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